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Sebastien Wierinck's installation at Bistro 16

Bistro 16 at the Strelka Institute in Moscow 0

Conference Bistro 16
Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
Moscow, Russia
May 25 through September

In the historical center of Moscow, not far from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Kremlin, is the site of the one-time chocolate factory Krasny Oktyabr, which in the last two years has become a hive of creative art and design. It contains the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, several bars and restaurants that cater to the creative spirit, artist workshops, design offices and multimedia studios, as well as galleries and exhibition halls. This summer and through September, the Bar Strelka bistro zone has become the creative platform of the new art event – project Bistro 16.

Bistro 16 is a unique public art project that accents Russia's new art scene. This season, the project's curator is Oksana Bodarenko and the creative production company The July 16, hence the project's name. In June, the fashion artists Nina Neretina and Donis Pupis reflected their philosophy through simple, rational and ergonomic forms at Bistro 16. Quality and naturalism, light and color, the richness of nature and the plant kingdom – these features clearly mirrored the aesthetic vision of the designers. Since June 30, the industrial design representative, Sebastien Wierink, invites visitors to take a seat in the Bistro 16 zone and turn to investigatory discussions; in turn, the designers/architects Lang/Baumann will take over the space in September.

Belgium's designer of  industrial futurism, Sebastien Wierinck, has transformed the public meeting place Bar Strelka into an art installation. The designer has created a bench from corrugated water pipes, allowing visitors to not only view an experimental formation that weaves through the space of Strelka like canals carrying life from the center to the peripheries, but to also contemplatively sit on it and socialize.

In his mind, the bench symbolizes urban dialog and is a metaphor for social relationships. As the artists himself says: “It is very exciting to watch how comfortable it is, or conversely, how uncomfortable it is, for people to sit next to one another.” As a part of Moscow's urban environment, the project's host, Bar Strelka, is the ideal spot, where all of the project's participants unanimously confirm that elitism in art has become old-fashioned. They believe that by changing the environment, you can change the person; this idea is the driving force behind Bar Strelka, and Bistro 16 has brought it to life.

14, bldg. 5A, Bersenevskaya Embankment
Moscow, Russia