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“The Progression of Contemporary Art Process. The New Rules of the Game” 0


On February 15 at 11.00 am, in cooperation with the organizing committee of Purvītis Prize, will hold an international forum at the Art Museum Riga Bourse. It will be a unique opportunity to learn the views of well-regarded professionals in the fields of art and culture, who will discuss the subject of “The Progression of Contemporary Art Process. The New Rules of the Game”. What is the role of art critics, gallerists, curators, culture institutions and marketing specialists in the process of contemporary art evolution and progress? The answer to this question will be revealed at the forum. 


10.45 am – 11.00 am

11.05 am – 11.10
Opening address by Una Meistere, the Director of art and culture portal

11.10 am – 11.30 
“Marketing: the driving force or the tormentor of the art process”
Nikolai Palazhchenko, art historian, curator and critic (Russia)

11.30 am – 11.35
Questions & Answers 

11.35 am – 11.55am
“The sustainable development models of creative districts”
Alina Saprykina, art curator and the artistic director of ARTPLAY – a creative quarter and design centre in Moscow (Russia)

11.55 am – 12.00
Questions & Answers

12.00 pm – 12.20pm
“Where is the impulse born? The centre and the periphery of the contemporary art world”
Valentin Dyakonov, art critic, columnist of the КоммерсантЪ (Russia)

12.20 pm – 12.25
Questions & Answers

12.25 pm – 12.45pm
Coffee break

12.45 pm – 1.05pm
“Gallerist in the 21st century. Changing roles?”
Olga Temnikova, curator, the founder and the director of Temnikova&Kasela gallery (Estonia)

1.05 pm  – 1.10
Questions & Answers

1.10 pm – 1.30pm
“Contemporary art curator – the range of his influence and responsibilities”
Victor Misiano, contemporary art curator and critic (Russia)

1.30 pm – 1.35
Questions & Answers

Moderrator Astrīda Rogule
See you soon!