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(Fragment) Ieva Iltnere. In Search of Lost Time. 2011

In Search of Lost Time 0

Ieva Iltnere “Apsēstība / Obsession”
Rīgas Galerija (Riga's Gallery)
Riga, Latvia
July 28 – September 3

Riga's Gallery is slated to exhibit the latest works by the painter Ieva Iltnere, created in 2010 and 2011. The exhibit was already successfully shown in May of this year, at the prestigious 7th International Contemporary Art Fair VIENNAFAIR 2011, in Vienna. In this show, the artist analyzes people's obsessions with collecting, hoarding, archiving and exhibiting the material things of this world.

The obsessive collection of art books, newspapers, vinyl records, old photographs and radios is also a story of today's consumer-society's need to create an ever-increasing cultural stratus of objects around themselves, which they can later put on display in museums and private collections. It is this obsession and enthusiasm of certain individuals that preserves cultural achievements in the most differing of realms.

The processes is goaded on by the widely-advertised, sensational sales of paintings, dresses of Hollywood divas or especially old and rare wines by world-famous auction houses.

Although Ieva Iltnere is known as a master of figural art, in this exhibit she has refrained from using direct human images, letting the objects speak about the individual's inner world and passions.

“Sometimes, these collections are like diaries of memories; sometimes, they are testaments to the technologies of a lost era. It is a story about the nature of things, about the unstoppable flow of time,” says the painter.

Ieva Iltnere is one of the brightest and creatively richest Latvian artists of her generation. She has taken part in exhibitions since 1978. The artist has created her system of images with a recognizable and vividly individual handwriting. Her choice of a formal style is influenced by an ascetic color scale based on painterly half-shades; the work is characterized by a  muted tonality and a discrete intonation.

Ieva Iltnere. In Search of Lost Time. 2010

Aspazijas Boulevard 20
Riga, Latvia