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(Fragment) Georg Baselitz. Sandteichdamm. 2009. Photo: Jochen Littkemann, Berlin

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Georg Baselitz “Baselitz. Re-Mixed”
Kunstforeningen GL STRAND
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 28 – August 21

The GL STRAND gallery in Copenhagen is showing the world-famous expressionist Georg Baselitz's (1938) works in an exhibition titled “Baselitz. Re-Mixed”, from May 28 to August 21.

Georg Baselitz, real name Hans-Georg Kern, was born January 23, 1938, in Deutschbaselitz, Saxony, later part of East Germany. His work is dominated by the cumulative expressivity characteristic of expressionistic art, induced by both subjective and social reasons. His early work depicts existential issues that oppressed the society of chauvinistic post-war Germany. Historical motifs, like images of Adolf Hitler and symbolism of the Third Reich (the eagle), can be seen in the first part of the exposition “Baselitz. Re-Mixed”. A large range of watercolors are displayed in the gallery's second room, and at the center of attention in the third room are his newest expressionistic works – a series of “remixed” paintings, in which a contemporary dialog with art history can be seen.

The series' author repeatedly looks at the themes depicted in the works of his early career, but this time he uses a new, more lyrical style. Georg Baselitz introduces us to an unprecedented artistic method: he uses a trick borrowed from the field of music – remixing. Citing, changing and layering color over copies and canvas reproductions of paintings by legendary masters, Baselitz creates stylistically different variations of the compositions.

Georg Baselitz has created his own sort of “collaboration” with the most outstanding masters of art of the last century, “remixing” masterpieces that have since become classics – works by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, the American popart pioneer Andy Warhol and the German painter and photographer Sigmar Polke. These are artists whose works Baselitz regards very highly. Interpreting the creations of other masters, he affixes his personal view and additional painterly comments, thereby making the plot of the original characteristic of himself. Unlike the paintings of Baselitz's early periods, spontaneous, momentary manifestations are felt in the Remixed works; the color palette is brighter and the strokes are clearer, as well.

His unusual paintings of figural compositions created in the upside-down style of expression have earned him great notice in the art world. In these, the artist has depicted his subjects wrong side-up, or has either purposefully hung the paintings upside-down.

Georg Baselitz. Photo: GL Strand

Georg Baselitz: Sandteichdamm, 2009
Photo: Jochen Littkemann, Berlin

Gammel Strand 48
Copenhagen, Denmark