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(Fragment) Snorre Ytterstad. SQUARED TARGET. 2010

Norwegian Conceptualism 0

Snorre Ytterstad. SQUARED TARGET
The National Museum of Norway, Museum of Contemporary Art
Oslo, Norway
June 24 – September 18 

This exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo is a retrospective of Snorre Ytterstad's (1969) conceptual art works of the last decade. It will run June 24 – September 18. 

Snorre Ytterstad's creative approach and playfulness, together with his superb craftsmanship and strange choice of materials, has earned him a unique position among Norwegian artists. The visual artist's works transcend the classical interpretation of sculpture. The technically correct form and complex content of his designed objects, devices and installations clearly reveal his wealth of knowledge about the characteristics of materials 

Snorre Ytterstad's creations often begin with something inconspicuous in daily life; objects such as pins, coins and reinforcing rods from an outbuilding serve as starting points for more or less complicated processes.

By seeing big things in small objects, the artists creates, improves, reduces or just repositions objects a bit, removing them from their usual environments and callings. The cardinal changes that are created by the interactivity of poetry and innovative conceptions give the objects new functions and associative lines.

The artist's creations will invite curious visitors of the exhibition to get involved and study the unusual melding of objects. In Ytterstad's weird collection of gadgets, a pin isn't just a practical notion – a closer inspection reveals that it turns, and even more, it rotates 60 times a minute.

Like most of today's artists, Ytterstad takes part in a dialog with art history, gaining inspiration from the dadaism representative Marcel Duchamp's nontraditional works in media art and “readymades”, Alexander Calder's kinetic sculptures and Kazimir Malevich's paintings, thereby unraveling a cosmos of creativeness for himself. In his video installation “Bird in Space”, Ytterstad gives answer to Constantin Brancusi's sculpture of the same name. Ytterstad mixes Brancusi's dense and controlled forms, replacing peace with dynamics and chaos. 

St. Olavs plass
Oslo, Norway