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One of the artworks by participant Lotta Petronela

Contemporary Art Archipelago in Turku 0

Contemporary Art Archipelago
Turku, Finland
June 18 – September 30

For those captivated by both nature and art that is created by humans and nature, Turku, Finland is the place to go this summer on an expedition to see the islands that are inhabited by art.

The Contemporary Art Archipelago is an international contemporary art event that is taking place both on land and on sea, from June 18 – September 30 in Turku, as part of the official program during the city's reign as the 2011 European Culture Capital.

Water transportation and a safe cultural footbridge is connecting the scattered islands and invite visitors to take part in an investigatory environmental art experience.

The historic harbor city on the Baltic Sea is the gateway to the largest and most beautiful archipelago in the world. In its 2 billion-year history, the archipelago created by continental glaciers was on the route of pillaging Vikings, as well as a labyrinth to medieval Hanseatic traders. It may sound paradoxical, but the city of Turku is surrounded by more than 20,000 small, picturesque islands that lure bicyclists to experience its elevations in an exciting way.

The spacious Turku archipelago is home not only to art exhibitions created by Finnish and international artists accenting Turku's seafaring traditions, but also studies done by institutions and islanders working together. There are also relevant environmental debates and creative workshops for visitors.

Elin Wikström's  environmental study and art project, “Save the seagrass? Who decides? You? Scientists? Politicians? The market?” is exhibited in the Archipelago Centre Korpoström.

The photo-installation by Janne Gröning (from the island of Keistiö) -- a chapel of idyllic landscape portraits, is available for viewing in the gallery Laterna, in the area of Nagu

The collaborative audio-work “Call me Ismael”, by Kiiski, Isokoski & Palmu, was inspired by Herman Melville's “Moby Dick”. Thanks to Melville's story, the sperm whale is wrongly believed to be a sea-monster. This audio-work created by students of Tartu's Art Academy will be presented by the pier Pargas.

Works by more than 20 artists and creative alliances will be on display in the Contemporary Art Archipelago in Turku.