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Entrance in New Hermitage Building, St. Petersburg

Collection from Andalusian Museums in New Hermitage 0

Dialog. Baroque Paintings from Andalusian Museums
The New Hermitage Building,
St. Petersburg, Russia
June 25 – September 25

From June 25 to September 25, St. Petersburg's State Art Museum is richer by one golden age – 17th century Spanish art from the collections of various Andalusian art museums are visiting the New Hermitage Building. 

The exhibit is featuring works by masters such as Juan Sanchez Cotan, Francisco de Zurbaran, Alonso Cano, Bartolome Esteban Murillo and Juan de Valdes Leal. They all hail from the ethnic region in Spain with the sonorous name – Andalusia, famous for its age-old traditions in art. 

The examples of Spanish baroque art will represent old masters from four of Andalusia's cities: Grenada, Cordoba, Cadiz and Seville. 

At the turn of the 17thcentury, the ruling aristocracy and the Catholic Church had great influence on the evolution of art in Spain, and dictated the characteristic religious themes that were to be portrayed. The painters were both countrymen and cohorts in the same time period, which is why a shared mentality can be seen in their work, yet each artist put forward his own interpretation and individual style when illustrating the stories of the Bible.

In the Hermitage's Twelve-Column Room, 24 masterpieces are reflecting man's humble conversation with God, expressed either within the narrative of one painting, or manifest in several paintings by the same artist. In their differing, yet also in some ways similar, approaches in portraying the same themes, the Andalusian old masters created a dialog amongst themselves, as well.

Двенадцатиколонный зал (244), Новый Эрмитаж
St. Petersburg, Russia