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Now More Tha Ever, performance documentation, 16 mm film, 2011

This Summer in Vilnius 0

The following is a list of art events going on in Vilnius this June, July and August. Included are: the exhibition by the famous Danish artist, Per Kirkeby, in the National Art Gallery; the Artvilnius' 12 art fair, which will start right after the summer solstice; and the crowning event of the summer – the international Baltic Triennial, which will feature the Nordic superstar Ragnar Kjartanson.

Neringa Černiauskaitė & Ugnius Gelguda 
“Now More Than Ever”
CAC, Vilnius
June 22 – August 12, 2012

Lithuanian artists Neringa Černiauskaitė & Ugnius Gelguda presents a solo show “Now More Than Ever” at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), where they are introducing three new projects: Reflection Wood Chronicles, In the Highest Point and Now More Than Ever. “So far it is unclear if it is the spaces that generate scripts or the cinematographic mind that encounters them. In the end, it is not that important: meddling in, time turns particularities into a part of the vague whole. Particular places become the background or the protagonists of unrealised or discovered movies, while historical events provide the verbal and visual material for carefree mixing of the art and world histories.Now More Than Ever is a result of the collision of spaces, history, and the mind. A mixtape. Call it what you will,” encourages both artists

Vokieciu 2
Vilnius, Lithuania 

 Per Kirkeby. Sheet IV. From the series Seven Engravings, 1991 Jorn Museum, Silkeborg

Per Kirkeby “Lignum vitae”
National Art Gallery, Vilnius
May 24 – August 26, 2012

One of the world's most famous Danish artists, Per Kirkeby (1938), is an expert at sculpting, painting, drawing, film directing and writing poetry, in addition to being a scholar on the geological mysteries of Greenland. The creative process, love of environmental science, and his researcher's soul dictate the conditions seen in his creations; they embody hints of neo-expressionistic style and, through various forms of expression, reveal a poetic message to the viewer. For the first time in Lithuania, Per Kirkeby has a solo exhibition, “Lignum vitae”, on view at the National Art Gallery (Nacionalinės dailės galerijos). Lasting through August 26, the show gives an overview of the artist's career and highlights specific biographic periods, such as Kirkeby's geology studies in the 1960's, and his resulting interest in the structure of environmental elements and their aesthetic peculiarities. In the expansive show, which was brought about in cooperation with Museum Jorn (Silkeborg, Denmark), Galleri Bo Bjerggaard (Copenhagen, Denmark) and AroS Aarhus Kunstmuseum (Orhus, Denmark), one can see dozens of Kirkeby's creations, etchings, and bronze sculptures, as well as 59 black & white and color drawings, and 80 Polaroid photographs. A catalog of Kirkeby's works has also been issued, in tandem with the exhibition.

Konstitucijos ave 22
Vilnius, Lithuania


Karolina Bik

Karolina Bik “Chaos”
(AV17)Gallery, Vilnius
June 16 – July 14, 2012

The Polish artist Karolina Bik (1985) has found her form of creative expression by working as a jeweler. In her creations, jewelry transforms into a conceptual message, the inspiration of which can be found in nature. Bik's series of works titled “Chaos” – which reminds us that at the Beginning, there was chaos, charged with the energy of life – can be seen at (AV17)Gallery from June 16 through July 14. By drawing, photographing and carefully studying the shapes seen in nature, of which no two are exactly alike, the artist transposes them into her art. Through the forms of expression available in jewelry, Bik “fits” her pieces to people, who are not only viewers, but also a part of the Beginning of Life.

Aušros vartų g. 17,
Vilnius, Lithuania



Lithuania's exhibition and convention center “Litexpo”, Vilnius
June 27 – July 1, 2012

For the third time already, the art fair Artvilnius'12 – featuring the latest works of art from galleries in Lithuania and around the world – will be held in Lithuania's exhibition and convention center “Litexpo”, from June 27 through July 1. Artvilnius debuted in 2009, when Lithuania had the honor of being Europe's Culture Capital, but the second fair was held only in the summer of 2011; currently, the fair has set the course to be an annual event.

This year's list of participants drew some surprise, as several notable Baltic galleries are missing from it; Latvia's “Māksla XO” and “Birkenfelds”, as well as Estonia's “Temnikova & Kasela” gallery will not be at the fair this year. However, there is no lack of Lithuanian galleries showing this year, with more than 30 creative establishments to see, hailing from Vilnius, Kaunas, Šaulys, Panevezys and other cities. And Latvia will, nevertheless, be represented by the galleries “Alma”, “Galerija 21” and “Tifāna”. The published list of participants also includes galleries from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark and the USA.

Last year, Latvia's Barbara Gaile (gallery “Alma”) received the honor of Best Artist, while local artists garnered the awards of “Best Sculptor/Installation Author” – Rimantas Milkintas and “Best Lithuanian Artist Under 35” – the graphic artist Linas Blažiūnas (Art Gallery of Utena Cultural Centre).

Laisvės Ave. 5
Vilnius, Lithuania


Mindaugas Triennial
Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius
August 24 – September 9, 2012

Named after the most popular male name in Lithuania – Mindaugas* – the international Baltic art triennial will be held from August 24 through September 9 at Vilnius' Contemporary Art Center (CAC). Promising to be an apex of creative activity and thought, the triennial has taken a common name in order to reduce its “face” to a simple, humanistic entity, in which the borders of personality become a mediator between the artists and the viewers. The triennial is being organized two curators from Rotterdam and London, Defne Ayas and Benjamin Cook, who came up with the program with the help of the New York artists Ieva Misevičiūte and Michael Portnoy. Among the participating artist we'll see Ragnar Kjartanson, who has by now achieved Nordic super-stardom.

*The literal translation of Mindaugas is “much glory”, or “he, who has many ideas”.

Vokiečių 2
Vilnius, Lithuania


Ran Slavin, Andrius Zakarauskas “Artscape: Israel”
Gallery “Vartai”, Vilnius\
June 12 – July 21, 2012

Artscape is an international, interdisciplinary art project that got its start in 2009 by encompassing various different cultural fields. This includes a contemporary art program which, with notable regularity, has been implemented at the gallery “Vartai” over the last two years. Every year, two artists are placed side by side, creating either a surprising dialog or a stark contrast. Through July 21, the gallery is showing the “urban surrealism” (as the artist himself calls it) of the Israeli artist Rana Slavina (1967): the experimental film “The Insomniac City Cycles” (2009) and the video work “Everything is Urgent” (2008). The mix of sound, color and images seen in the works presents the artist's most expressive manipulation of form. In diametric contrast to Slavina's work are the latest paintings by Lithuanian artist Andrius Zakarauskas (1982), titled “The Wrong Side and the Right Side”, and finished just this year. The young artist is faithful to the basic tenets of painting – brush-strokes, paint and abstract composition.

Vilniaus g. 39
Vilnius, Lithuania