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Disappearance, 2011

Georgia - Tamara Kvesitadze 0


GEORGIA Tamara Kvesitadze

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June 4 - November 27 
Pre-Vernissage May 31 
Vernissage: June 1 - 3

Inauguration: June 3 
6.30pm: Panel discussion. 
Invited speakers: Nicolas Bourriaud, Chang Tsong-zung, Chris Dercon, Kwok Kian Chow, Chus Martinez, Manu Park, John Rajchman and Mick Wilson (moderator)

7.30pm: Official Opening ceremony with the Minister of Culture of Georgia Mr Nicholas Rurua (cocktail)

Palazzo Pisani S. Marina, Calle delle Erbe 6104, 30124 Venezia (between Ospedale Campo S. Giovanni e Paolo and Campo S. Marina, closest boat station Rialto)

Commissioner Paivi Tirkkonen
Curator Henk Slager 

Exhibition: Any-medium-whatever

Tamara Kvesitadze’s reflection on visual art surpasses any medium-specific category. Rather, Kvesitadze engages in what Gilles Deleuze in “What is Philosophy” would call a non-philosophical understanding of philosophical matters. In other words, an artistic way of thought particularly confronting the intrinsic violence arising from rejecting a logic of identity or similarity. While resisting such a logic, Kvesitadze denies access to homogenization, instrumentalization, territorialism, or any other condensing anthropological condition. Instead she embraces a focus on mutating processes in the comprehension of the powers and desires of humankind.

A process entailing the force and passion of interruption and metamorphoses is at the core of the work the viewer encounters when entering the exhibition space in the Palazzo. Tamara Kvesitadze’s work F=-F consists of a wall construction where a sculpture of compressed human faces is to be seen: a multitude of nameless faces where, for the sake of a horizontal principle of organization, each form of singularity seems to be have been subtracted.