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(Fragment) Venice, Live Photo # 14. 2007

Crispin Gurholt’s “Live Photo” in Lillehammer 0

Crispin Gurholt. Live Photo
Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer
April 21 – June 17, 2012

Norwegian artist Crispin Gurholt (1965) has created site-specific installations, called “Live Photo”, that are built up as carefully planned tableaux and designed to be a dialogue with the environment in which they occur. They are staged in mundane, everyday surroundings, like a coffee shop, a bookstore, or a hair salon. The models pose in frozen photographic moments, which are only interrupted by short breaks. The scene that unfolds shows the most charged moment in a storyline. Gurholt's photographs combine such different genres as theater, film, photography and painting.

Roma, Live Photo # 17. 2008

Venice, Live Photo # 14. 2007

A selection of the artist’s “Live Photo” are being shown in Lillehammer Art Museum’s main auditorium through June 17, including a video that is based on the same tableaux as the photos. Beginning with June 2, two more tableaux will be added. One of them is “Live Photo Lillehammer”, which can be described as one of several projects where Gurholt fixes a critical look at the institution of art, in the broadest sense of the word.

Sunday 17.45, Live Photo # 7. 2004

Gurholt’s artistic practice is conceptually based, and draws on both relational and site-specific art, in addition to the staged photograph. He belongs to a generation of artists who freely use the photograph as an artistic tool. But the complexity of administration reflects the artist’s broad and complex training, which also appears to be essential for the creation of such a dense universe that “Live Photo” represents. Gurholt holds a master's degree from the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts and has studied under Odd Nerdrum, the famous Norwegian figurative painter; in addition, he has a background in set design and directing. He studied at the Film School of New York University and has worked part-time on set design for Wam & Vennerød (a famous Norwegian film duo who produced and directed a number of Norwegian films between 1975 and 1995) and Thomas Robsahm (an award-winning Norwegian film director, producer, musician and actor). He has also directed music videos. The “Live Photo” series appears to be the sum of a broad education, and together with a critical perspective, makes them compelling images of our time.

Crispin Gurholt instructs the statists. Live Photo Lillehammer Kunstmuseum. 2012 © Lillehammer Kunstmuseum 

Crispin Gurholt is an international artist. He has completed installations in Venice, Rome, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen. In addition, he has exhibited at several major Norwegian art institutions. He opens up a number of questions regarding the relationship between the viewer and the work, as well as about the various forms of visual practice.

Behind the scenes. Live Photo Lillehammer Kunstmuseum. 2012 © Lillehammer Kunstmuseum 

Photographer in action. Crispin Gurhol during  Live Photo Lillehammer Kunstmuseum. 2012 © Lillehammer Kunstmuseum

The curator of the exhibition is Janeke Meyer Utne.

Stortorget 2
Lillehammer, Norway