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Exhibition in “The Gardens”, Vilnius. Photo: Robertas Narkus

Different generations meet in one artspace 0

Juste Kostikovaite

Photo: Robertas Narkus

Gediminas Akstinas & Antanas Gerlikas
The Gardens, Vilnius
April 6th – May 10th 

Exhibition of the works of Gediminas Akstinas and Antanas Gerlikas is open through May 10th in Vilnius exhibition space “The Gardens. The exhibition was conceived as a meeting of artists from different generations working in separate yet connecting modes.

Gediminas Akstinas (1961) is an older generation artist, best known from his massive metal constructions and antropomorphous hand-made shelves. His artistic decisions are always related with specific locations and situations. In his works he often uses everyday things, while never forgetting their ideas and forms which give opportunities for new stories. Antanas Gerlikas (1978) is a younger generation artist. In his oeuvre he analizes a logic of an artwork in various forms and does this while looking from a perpsective of a daily life and the artwork itself. In this exhibition of meetings Antanas Gerlikas will present his artworks as transitional objects. 

Contingency of the exhibition was the dark room, the forest where the well known path is leading to the meeting of the artists and artworks. Aferall, the liquid background is not so unmeasurable, so illogic. Initials of both artists (Gediminas Akstinas aka G.A. and Antanas Gerlikas aka A.G.) can be connected and form various geometrical figures, which could transform the uncertainty into orderly forms. The line drawn from the (reverse) matching of their initials can form a triangle, a zigzag, a trace of the time. But if one letter would be faster then the other in one person's initials, then maybe the serendipitous meeting could turn the exhibition to the act disappearance.

“...This time one sees what others two bring to the meeting; they already knew where were they going. Thus this exhibition becomes an interchange, similar to that when two travellers in a railway station swapped their newspapers. They continued their own ways and the newspapers were of different days.” (From the press release.)

Curated by Monika Lipšic and Gerda Paliušytė.

Planetarium, Konstitucijos pr. 12A
Vilnius, Lithuania