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New artist-run space in Vilnius 0

Yet another artist-run space opened in Vilnius at the end of March, 2012. The new space is called “Malonioji”, after the street name, which in Lithuanian means “The Sweet One” or “The Pleasant One”. The district where the space is located is called Žvėrynas, one of the most picturesque districts of Vilnius, dotted with old wooden architecture and noveau riche, concrete minimalist creations. “Malonioji” is housed in one of the forgotten wooden houses, with a yard where one can choose to have a barbecue, to admire the riverside, or even be a bit more practical – by keeping hens.

Visual artist Zilvinas Landzbergas, one of the founders of the space, says he does not want to repeat the format of a typical gallery. Rather, he sees “Malonioji” as a salon, a flat, as a space for meetings. Maybe the time has come to invent a new term?

Looking through the sunny windows at the glass’n’steel monster – the infamous business center “Vilniaus Vartai” – situated across the river, Zilvinas reveals the paradoxical intentions of this new formation. “Malonioji” is an active meeting space open to everyone; it will help the blood of the city to circulate faster and will allow for different generations to meet and speak, thereby enabling encounters that would previously be quite unlikely to occur. At the same time, “Malonioji” is not willing to openly clarify its actions or to use traditional promotional patterns.

“Malonioji” has none of the following: a website, advertisements, a planned program, nor a pre-determined path through which to publicly announce its activities.

Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday,  2-6 pm
By appointment: +37068999595

Current exhibition: Axel Linderholm (Sweden), through April 21st.