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Photo: Jarmo Nagel

Jaanus Samma receives the Köler Prize 2013. Photo reportage 0

Photo:  Jarmo Nagel

On Friday, May 24, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (EKKM) presented its third annual Köler Prize to the young visual artist Jaanus Samma. The artist was also voted the public’s favourite. 

The focus of Jaanus Samma’s (1982) artworks – photographs, installations and video art – is usually the investigation of homosexuality, which he displays through staged scenes often posed in leisurely locations. The fictive opera “Chairman”, presented at the Köler Prize 2013, depicted the life of the most notorious gay man in Tartu. Based on the archival material and interviews, the fictive opera tries to give an overview of the life of sexual minorities in Soviet Estonia through the story of one man.

The Köler Prize was founded in 2011 by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (EKKM) for the purpose of popularizing contemporary art within the local art scene. Since then, five artists or art groups of Estonian descent or permanently residing in Estonia have been nominated every year and this year they were Karel Koplimets, Paul Kuimet, Kristina Norman, Jaanus Samma and Triin Tamm.

The Köler Prize exhibition of nominees will be on view through June 16, 2013. 

Artist and founding member of EKKM Neeme Külm (on the left)

Artists Jaanus Samma and  Kristina Norman

Curator Rebeka Põldsam (on the right)

Artist Paul Kuimet

The host of the night  – curator and founding member of EKKM Anders Härm