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Opening of ARTscape: France. Photo: Loic Salfati

ARTscape: France 0

The customary ARTscape series exhibition, a tradition by now, opened at the contemporary art gallery “Vartai” in Vilnius on the evening of July 15th. This time, along with a Lithuanian artist, a French artist is featured as well. In ARTscape: France, the Lithuanian Tomas Martišauskis meets with Pierre Labat from France. The exhibit will be open through August 28th. Read more about the exhibit here.

A while ago, there was an ARTscape edition in which the Latvian artist, Miks Mitrēvics, took part. His work created its own kind of dialog with the works of the Lithuanian painter, Linas Jusionis.

Opening and installations of Pierre Labat. Photo: Loic Salfati

Installation of Tomas Martišauskis. Photo: Gallery "Vartai"