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Three-day Exhibition has Begun 0

Photo: Katrīna Ģelze

Only for three days – from August 31 through September 2 –in the Great Exhibition Hall of the Art museum Riga Bourse (Dome square 6, Old Riga) the carpet collection of the famous German carpet designer Jan Kath, “Erased Heritage”, is on view. 

As the exhibition organizers told us, these carpets are hand-made and are knotted according to the most ancient oriental carpet production traditions, where the weavers are listening to the main master’s singing, and the ornament is formed in the rhythm of the melody – a particular height of the note denotes the relevant thread colour and pattern. According to the intention of this collection – “the erased patterns” – the chanting of the master is drastically changing, and therefore the combination of the traditional patterns and the erased effects is not only an emotional, but also a physical challenge for both the designers and the weavers themselves. One such carpet can be knotted even for seven months, and the result is amazing. Many carpet industry experts have recognized the “Erased Heritage” as the most unusual and inspiring carpet collection ever created.

The exhibition in Art museum “Riga Bourse” is made available to Riga citizens and visitors with a support of interior salon “Krassky”.