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Eva & Adele won't miss the dOCUMENTA(13)


Photo: Katrīna Ģelze

Hello from Kassel! presents a photo report from dOCUMENTA(13), which will be open for visitors from June 9, and will start to count the 100 days of amazing and mind-blowing art. More then 100 artists from more than 50 countries. You have to be there!

Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer (b. 1967) has made an impressive installation named "Leaves of Grass" (2012), which is on view in Neue Galerie. It consists of hundreds of shadow puppets that have been fabricated from photographs cut out from "Life", the classic American illustrated news magazine.

"Die Gedanken sind Frei: 100 songs for the 100 days of dOCUMENTA(13)" (2011-2012) is an interactive audio sculpture by american artist Susan Hiller (b. 1940), who lives in USA

Italian artist Giuseppe Penone (b.1947) in Karlsaue Park, next to his installation "Idee di pietra" (2003/2008/2010), which was originally installed in the park during the 16th Biennale of Sidney and inaugurated in Kassel's Karslraue Park in 2010, as the very first artwork of dOCUMENTA(13)

The famous installation by German artist Thomas Bayrle (b. 1937), "Airplane" which was made in 1982-1983. Venue: Documenta-Halle

It's hard to catch it on photo, but this was one of the most amazing experience, to stand under/in the middle of artwork by Indian artist Nalini Malani. This rotating and 10 minute long video/shadow/sound installation "In Search of Vanished Blood" (2012) is on view in Documenta-Halle

There are many artworks in off-site places in the city. For example in Grand City Hotel Hessenland. Irish artist Gerard Byrne (b. 1969) has made a new installation where spectators can follow a conversation between British gentelmens 

Claire Pentecost has made a "Proposal for A New American Agriculture" (2009-2010) where soil is presented as gold. This is on view in Otteneum

One of the most emotionally charged project can be found in the streets of Kassel. Artist from Chicago, Theaster Gates (b. 1973), with his team has inhabited one old house and will be living there for all 100 days of dOCUMENTA(13). It's hard to show it in photos, the atmosphere has to be experienced in person