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Photo: Agnija Grigule

Photoreportage: “Fashion Infection” in Vilnius 0

Photo: Agnija Grigule

Last weekend, 18 – 19 March 2016, saw the annual Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) fashion festival take place at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (ŠMC). Alongside the contribution by Lithuanian fashion designers (Ana Romanova, Lilija Larionova, Laura Dailidėnienė, Akvilė Jančauskaitė & Fiona UYEN, Liucija Kvašytė, Diana Paukštytė, Lina Gudanavičiūtė, Sandra Straukaitė), this year’s edition of the most significant fashion and art fusion event in Lithuania featured presentations of collections by Anna Jelizarjeva from Estonia, Katarzyna Romańska and KAASKAS from Poland, Andrey Bartenev from Russia and MAREUNROL’S from Latvia.

Bringing together seasoned professionals and niche newcomers alike, the programme of Mados Infekcija also includes a young talent contest entitled Injection; the event makes the festival a significant factor contributing to the formation of the style of the young generation of Lithuanian fashion designers. This year’s Injection featured appearances by past laureates of the contest, the young Lithuanian designers Morta Nakaitė, Thom Bara, Mantas Bartkus & Neringa Martinėnaitė, as well as Anna Jelizarjeva from Estonia.

After the festival, fashion blogger and photographer Agnija Grigule praised the professionalism of the organisers and the particular enthusiasm of the public, expressed in appreciatory rounds of applause following practically every item of the collections: ‘In the case of Mantas Bartkus & Neringa Martinėnaitė, the spectators were clapping after each entrance of a model.’ Grigule makes a special mention of the creativity and focus of Lithuanian artists: ‘If the Lithuanian fashion designers want to stand out, they will carefully consider every single detail. If they wish to remain neutral, they will stick to this approach. In any case, it is never anything in-between. The same refers to the outfits of the festivalgoers.’

For a ‘live report’ from the festival venue by Agnija Grigule, visit the Arterritory Instagram account at