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Monika. Museum of People in the performance "Ice". Gladbeck. 2005

Dace Džeriņa’s Festival

Dace Džeriņa (1971) graduated from the Visual Communication Department at the Latvian Academy of Art and works mostly in set design, installations, video installations, and computer graphics. Džeriņa has participated in exhibits in Italy (La Riga, 2003), Lithuania (2 SHOW, 2003), the Netherlands (Art Primeur 2001), Germany (Riga Line Up, 2001; Time Will Show, 2008), and elsewhere. In 2002, Džeriņa received the Latvian Artists Union’s Annual Award in Visual Art for the originality of her creative achievement in the exhibit Creative Evening: “The Old Monkey Turns 100” (together with artists Anta Pence and Dita Pence).

At the Prague Quadrennial, the artist will invite people to uncover a celebration within themselves by marking off tango steps on the floor; everyone will have the chance to try out this passionate dance with an instructor. It’s never to late to start dancing!

Latvia’s participation in the Prague Quadrennial is organized by the New Theater Institute.