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Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov

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Interview by Agnese Čivle

Henrik Vibskov is among those who have made Danish fashion internationally recognized. Vibskov has a cult following right now, and is one the leading young designers in the world. However, his work isn’t limited to clothing collections.

Vibskov’s achievements encompass almost all possible forms and expressions of creativity. He surprises, provokes, and entertains, but in his eccentricity he preserves a cool head and a practical approach. This year, the awards committee at Sweden’s Röhsska Museum recognized Vibskov as an important avant-garde figure in the contemporary fashion industry, and awarded him a prize of one million Swedish krones.

Vibskov is respected in Sweden, his men’s clothing collection is awaited in Paris, and the Henrik Vibskov Boutique has now found a home in New York. It seems almost as if a Vibskov pandemic has started all over the world, including in Riga. In May, Vibskov began work on stage consume design for Hotel Pro Forma’s new project War Sum Up, which will debut at the Latvian National Opera on September 2. 

As Henrik emerged from the costume department at the opera house in Riga, closing a small sketchbook and stuffing it in his bag, I managed to snag him for a conversation in the opera’s café. He boyishly pushed back a cloth cap on his head, and occasionally tugged up over his knees a pair of drooping socks, where he had stuck in the tips of his harem-style pants.

Henrik began the conversation and the meal by bumming a cigarette. Though it seems as if Henrik could puff long and hard on a single thought, he smokes each answer succinctly, without dragging the string of thought from figure to figure in order finally to form a complete drawing.

During the course of the conversation he practically justified his essence as an artist, showing the pragmatic and practical side of his personality. After a while he found his misplaced pack of Camels, which hadn’t been lost somewhere on account of Henrik’s artistic inattentiveness, but was simply hidden deep in his bag. 

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