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Artscape 2017. BLESS. Photo: Anders Lipkin

The street art festival Artscape 2017, in pictures 0

In July we reported that the large street art festival Artscape 2017 “White Moose Project” would be taking place in Sweden’s Värmland county. On August 18, this four-week-long colorful explosion of art came to a close, and 29 artists have created 32 wall murals and one installation.

ARCHIVE: Q&A with Tor Hedendahl and Daniel Wakeham, Founders & Directors of the International street art festival Artscape in Sweden 

We provide a pictorial overview of this visually impressive event.

Artscape 2017. ANNATOMIX. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. BORDALO II. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. BKFOXX. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. CAPTAIN KRIS

Artscape 2017. CARATOES. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. HITOTZUKI. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. YASH  

Artscape 2017. NOMAD CLAN. Photo: Tor Hedendahl

Artscape 2017. PANTONIO. Photo: Anders Lipkin

Artscape 2017. PASTEL. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. BLESS. Photo: Anders Lipkin

Artscape 2017. SAGIE. Photo: Anders Lipkin 

 Artscape 2017. SHALAK & SMOKY. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. SHALAK & SMOKY. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. SMUG. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. TATIANA SUAREZ. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. VEXTA

Artscape 2017. WILD DRAWING. Photo: Anders Lipkin