Photo: Anna Watson

Have dinner at Demo, a gourmet restaurant with only forty-five seats, owned by the local star chefs Teemu Aura and Tommi Tuominen. 

If the night is long, you can always satisfy your hunger at one of the city’s legendary grill kiosks. The most popular is Jaskan Grilli, located in a small square behind the parliament building. The grill’s working hours are from 19:30 until 4:30 a.m., and in the almost constant lines you can meet everybody, from local stars to local mere mortals. The offers vary from hot dogs to beef steak, meat sandwiches, and sausages.


If you desire something new, then suitable accommodations can be found at Hotel Katajanokka, located in a former prison. The rooms are set up in former cells, and offer a tasteful minimum of comfort, though they are rather large (from seventeen to thirty square meters) and a sufficient amount of light flows in from the three small windows. According to mythology, the hotel was blessed by five clergymen before it was opened, in order to free the space of its previous aura.

If good design, comfort, and sufficiently democratic prices are important for you, the best standard rooms in all of Helsinki can be found at Hotel Glo. The size of the rooms are uncharacteristically large for European hotel (in this sense, the best rooms are those whose number ends in -31) and the interior has been planned down to the last detail.

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