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Gastronomic Stopping Points

In the Old City, definitely look for Must Puudel, which has quickly become a beloved meeting place and daily oasis for those individuals working to form Tallinn’s cultural landscape. The interior of the café is reminiscent of a 1970s style—with furniture characteristic of that era, futuristically rounded lamps, colorful accessories, and even a vintage Samsung TV set and Baccara records with the famous singles “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” and “Sorry, I’m A Lady.”

Meanwhile, you can abandon yourself to French charm at the crêperie-style café Boheem, a popular meeting place for artists, musicians, Estonian filmmakers, and other creative types who have settled atop the creative currents of Kalamaja.

You can also enjoy a light meal and freshly pressed juice in a theater-inspired environment, on the green terrace of the bitter black straw structure at Põhuteater / Straw Theatre Café.

Yet the most talked-about destination for Tallinn’s gourmands is the restaurant Neh, the Tallinn-based offshoot of Estonian’s leading recreational complex, Pädaste Manor on Muhi Island. Neh is located near the Old City, in the port territory or Tallinn’s “Holland,” in the same building as the art gallery Tam. The most coveted stop at the restaurant is the “chef’s table,” where a small party (up to five people) can enjoy four courses and additional appetizers and suprises from the chefs in an unhurried atmosphere. They will make you feel like a bear with its hand in a honey pot all night long! For instance, how would you like a flounder “on the bone” fried in brown butter? Or perhaps you’d like a hearty bean soup with two pieces of smoked meat and two slices of black bread?! Top it all off with a traditional cheesecake with sea buckthorn from the territory around Pädaste and plum jam from the manor’s basement, or homemade ice cream prepared at Neh!

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