Fragment of "DANSK" cover. ISSUE Nº 26. Cover photo: Aitken Jolly



Tank is an independent fashion magazine that's been well-known since the 90's. Based in London, the A3-format publication featuring fashion, art, architecture, music, literature, life-styles and pop-culture first came out in September 1998. Unlike the above-mentioned magazines, Tank is issued four times a year. Known for refraining from putting celebrities on its covers, it's responsible for  having made some previously-unknown faces – famous. Case in point: a then-unheard of Russian girl, Natalia Vodianova, now international supermodel, got her first cover on Tank.

Tank's latest issue focuses on languages. Among the high-fashion pictorials are articles on: the use of English on global TV news channels; the art of subtitling; fashion designers' favorite words in their native tongues; and the nasal dictionary of the manufactured language. To top it all off, the title of this newest edition is fantastically “tasty” – Lust in Translation.


ISSUE Nº 13, 2011

First published in 2006, the London-based, romantic biannual, Lula, will be appreciated by young ladies taken with fashion, music, art and dreams-come-true. The magazine describes itself as “the kind of girl you'd have a crush on, or be intimidated by. Her style is all old-fashioned cameras, 70's dresses, patterned stockings, heavy mascara. She'd live in an apartment where the wallpaper is peeling off, but it would be held together lovingly by a litter of poems and polaroids”. Lulu has a capricious, mild and ethereal aura – girly clothes and vintage pictorials mixed among interviews that sound like late-night chats between friends. Quite possibly a good investment, since previous issues are selling on e-bay for up to $200.  >>