Fragment of "DANSK" cover. ISSUE Nº 26. Cover photo: Aitken Jolly


ISSUE Nº 26. Cover photo: Aitken Jolly

Having sprung to life in 2002, Denmark's first international publication, Dansk, has crowned itself as “the world's most independent fashion magazine”. It is also published just twice a year, and the latest issue – autumn/winter – was inspired by Madonna's book, SEX. Hence the editors' warning of “more bare breasts than usual” in the introductory column. With its color-saturated, thick, matte paper and dominance of ascetic pictorials, Dansk is visually similar to Acne Paper. However, Dansk differs from the multi-thematic Swedish publication in that Dansk exclusively features only fashion – both women's and men's, with a bare minimum of text scattered among the pictorials and ads. Alongside Scandinavian talents in photography, design and style, Dansk also works with internationally known names. 

AnOther Magazine,

ISSUE Nº 21.  Cover photo: Laureate award "Oscar" - actress Rachel Weisz (shot from short film of Craig McDean) 

The latest issue of the British AnOther Magazine caught my attention with its black and white, surrealism-inspired fashion pictorial by Clare Strand, graduate of the Royal College of Art. Its effect was especially strong since a couple of hours before starting my perusal of the latest magazines, I had just been to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where I had seen Strand's works on exhibit. The overlap of the worlds of art and fashion photography is nothing new; masters such as Bill Brandt and Irving Penn freely switched back and forth between both genres. And independent fashion magazines are remarkably keen on getting their fingers on art photographers.

Put out twice yearly by the publishers Dazed Group (who also print Dazed & Confused – a magazine that had once attained cult status, but has now lost its originality), the glossy AnOther Magazine is a combination of high fashion, quality photography and articles on art, fashion, cinema, literature and even politics. In its pages, you'll find photographs taken by Sarah Moon, Roe Ethridge, Daniel Jackson, Paolo Roversi, Craig McDean, Nick Knight and Lina Scheynius. There's also a separate version for men – Another Man. >>