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(Fragment of cover) "Garage Magazine". Photo: Hedi Slimane

Garage Magazine Debuts with Hirst Between Its Legs 0

During New York's Fashion Week, from 9-16 September, Moscow's contemporary culture center, Garage, presented the first issues of its long-awaited “Garage Magazine”. It should be noted that the magazine was already creating a stir before it even saw the light of day.  

Dasha Zhukova, director of the Garage center, is also the editor of the magazine. For the debut issue's cover, Zhukova chose a nude photo of the London illustrator, Shauna Taylor, with a butterfly, designed by the British artist, Damien Hirst, tattooed on her crotch; the magazine was issued with a removable sticker strategically hiding Taylor's private parts. French fashion designer and photographer, Hedi Slimane, photographed the image.

Needle and ink were entrusted to one of London's best tattoo artists, Mo Coppoletta, who was personally selected by Hirst. It took two sessions to complete the green and black butterfly.

Shauna Taylor later revealed that she didn't realize that it would hurt so much. In the New York Post, she was quoted as saying that it was the most intense pain that she had ever experienced. It stands to mention that the young illustrator has never experienced the pain of childbirth; she is, however, quite proud of the project and is excited that one day she may be the only woman on earth able to say, “I gave birth through a Damien Hirst piece of art.”

The magazine's debut issue came out with three different covers. Besides the one with Hirst's intimate butterfly, one cover featured a sketch of a cartoon smiling face tattoo by the American painter and photographer, Richard Prince. The third cover pictured a rag-doll of the young British model, Lily Donaldson, playing with a doll house in which there is a rag-doll of Lily Donaldson...

The noise surrounding the new magazine's cover has overshadowed information on the magazine's content and positions. Garage Magazine has been created as a product of the Garage center, full of ideas and information about art projects for which the walls of the Moscow contemporary culture center have become too small. In addition, the magazine opens up opportunities to reaching an international audience far beyond Russia's borders. Along with Damien Hirst's illustrations, the first issue features articles and images on Alexander McQueen, Marina Abramovich and other fashion and art heavyweights that require neither introduction nor commentary; but Garage Magazine does, and will continue to comment.