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Five Books to Add to Your Bookshelf 0

Advice for those interested in becoming collectors; the almanac, “Pattern”, in which the Latvian fashion label, Mareunrol's, is included in the list of top 100 promising designers; a cross-section of 150 years of Parisian haute couture; or, for something completely different – taxidermy.

Alexis Turner, Taxidermy
Thames & Hudson, 2013

If you're bored by the usual publications on art and design, then here's something a bit more eccentric for you – taxidermy. Alexis Turner's book – which is the most comprehensive lexicon covering the phenomenon of taxidermy, from ancient history to the current day – will be coming out from  publishers Thames & Hudson in May, but orders are already being accepted. Truthfully, though, the book can't really be called eccentric because dead stuffed animals are back in fashion – everywhere from museum exhibitions, in which curators have dusted off their oldest specimens and brought them into the limelight once again, to private interiors, where alongside designer sofas and floor-lamps, a stiff little animal is now thought to be quite chic... A similar trend has also shown up in contemporary art. Learn all about this, and more, in this effectively illustrated, 256-page book.


Collecting Art for Love, Money and More
Phaidon, 2013

At the end of April, Phaidon publishers will be coming out with a handbook for those who would like to start buying and assembling their own art collection. Advice, suggestions and clear illustrations practically spoon-feed the reader the knowledge that experienced collectors and art consultants have accrued over the years: how to recognize promising talent, how to invest advantageously, and what sort of historical tales are hidden within other private collections. In short, it's a book for both those who would collect for joy, as well as for those who plan on collecting with cold calculation; in either case, it will encourage you to begin.


Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers, 10 Curators
Phaidon, 2013

Released under the wing of Phaidon, the almanac, “Pattern”, continues the tradition started by the publishing house with its book-design object/exhibition, “Sample”. This time, it is a listing of 100 of the most promising new designers whose names have rocketed onto the world fashion stage in the last five or six years. As in the exhibition that illustrated the book's format, the selection process for the book was executed by a professional team of ten “curators”, consisting of acclaimed designers, stylists, fashion editors, bloggers and other experts. “Pattern” is a true representation of the current pulse of the fashion world, and it's meant not just for fashion industry insiders, but for everyone with an interest in the field. Whereas “Sample” was a vision of pleated fabric in the form of a book, “Pattern” is being presented in a specially-printed book bag made of Tyvek, thereby cementing its status as a must-have design object. The contemporaries of Mareunrol's featured in the book are simply brilliant: Acne, Sarah Burton, Christopher Kane, Phillip Lim, Gareth Pugh, Alexander Wang , etc.


Paris Haute Couture
Flammarion, 2013

A fancy, richly illustrated treatise in English that looks at Paris' haute couture from the most appropriate of viewpoints, namely, that of art history. Owners of the book will have the opportunity to discover how, within 150 years, even rebellious designers have been able to ensure their continued legacy in the highest echelons of fashion. 

Between Walls and Windows. Architecture and Ideology
Hatje Cantz, 2012

The inspiration for this book is the congress hall that was built in West Berlin during the Cold War. Like many public buildings of the time, it also served as an ideological instrument; now the building accommodates the House of Cultures. The book is a collection of art and architecture projects and essays that analyze the ideological connotations of architecture.