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Fragment from short film“Grandpa” (2010)

“Grandpa” by Lithuanian Cinematographer 0

The short movie “Grandpa” (2010) was cinematographer’s Saulius Lukoševičius graduation work at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. It was awarded as the Best Baltic short film in international film festival “Arsenal” in Latvia (2011) and also nominated for the best student film in Silver Cranes (Sidabrines gerves) in Lithuania (2011).“A young 23 years old student living and studying in the city comes to visit his grandfather after a long long time. Once he arrives at his grandfather’s house and starts doing every day works, mysterious things start happening – oranges appear just out of nowhere. Eventually the young man realizes that it is some kind of a riddle. Will he find the answer in his childhood?”  

Saulius Lukoševičius grew up in small town Vilkaviškis, Lithuania. He started to love photography when he was thirteen. In 2010 Lukoševičius finished Lithuanian academy of music and theatre and works as a cinematographer.