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Scene from Kārlis Vītols' animated film, “Eclipse”. 2010

Kārlis Vītols “Eclipse” 3

The animated film, “Eclipse” (10 min., 2010), by Latvian artist Kārlis Vītols (1979), premiered at the prestigious animation film festival Annecy, in France. At the core of the film is the mystical, natural phenomenon of the solar eclipse, at which time the Moon obscures the Sun, thereby “opening the gate” between two different worlds. The period of time during which the shadow of the Moon covers the Earth, and the creatures of twighlight come to life, is short. In the film, the solar eclipse is a metphor for the relationship between a man and a woman. It's the story of a ritual that man performs to reach woman and to gain understanding. To find out what this ritual is, you'll have to watch the short-film. Kārlis Vītols is a painter, graphic artist and animator; in the local media, he has been called one of the most provocative of Latvian artists.