Finnish artist Anssi Kasitonni

Anssi Kasitonni 1

Here are the Finnish artist’s, Anssi Kasitonni’s (1978), anwers to “The Daily Dozen” questions. Read more about Kasitonni in the “Artists” section. And definitely take a “Sneak Peek” into his studio!

1. What’s the best moment of your day?

There are two of them: when my daughter wakes up and when she falls asleep.

2. Why do you work as an artist?

I feel that it’s something that I’m good at.

3. What films, concerts, exhibits, or books have left a lasting impression on you?

Films: Wayne’s world (1992) by Penelope Spheeris;  books: Under the North Star (1959–1962) by Väinö Linna.

4. Where do you currently get ideas for your works?

From the internet. 

5. Which work(s) of art would you like to have in your possession?

Any Hanna-Leena Heiska’s painting will do.

6. What do you do when you’re not occupied with art?


7. Do you sleep a lot? 

No, I sleep 6 -8 hours per night.

8. Do you collect anything?

No, usually I dislike any kind of “stuff”.

9. What is one of the most important things in your studio?

My over-pressure helmet.

10. What do you like to eat, and what don’t you like?

I like to eat anything home made. I don’t like raw meat.

11. When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

A bear who begs for candy in public. 

12. Name three creative individuals, from any era, with whom you’d gladly spend an evening.

Markku Peltola, Frank Zappa, Uffa Hintman.

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