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Selfportrait, 2005

EXTRACT - YOUNG ART PRIZE awarded to Danish artist Niels Pugholm 0

The annual exhibition of young international art, EXTRACT – YOUNG ART PRIZE. CPH 2013, can be seen until January 26, 2014, at GL STRAND, Copenhagen, Denmark

On December 6, the EXTRACT - YOUNG ART PRIZE of 50,000 DKK was awarded to an artist from Denmark, Niels Pugholm (1983). EXTRACT is GL STRAND’s annual exhibition of young international art. The exhibition shows seven young artists from Europe who all have graduated from their master's program this year. The prize was selected by a jury which teams up anew each year. This year the jury consisted of artist Michael Elmgreen; the Director for Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Sara Arrhenius; the Chief Curator for the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Gateshead, Laurence Sillars; and the Director for GL STRAND, Helle Behrndt.

We congratulate the young artist, and have rushed to introduce him to you!

Omkring Rimfort - 2010/11

What’s the best moment of your day?

Waking up for a new day.

Why do you work as an artist?

Because I can't resist it.

Which films, concerts, exhibits, or books have left a lasting impression on you? 

"Stalker", by Andrei Tarkovsky, always gives me a new point of view.

Torben Christensen, a Danish artist, made an exhibition called "0 pilgrim"; even though it took place a long time ago, I still look at the catalog from time to time, just to see it again.

Where do you currently get ideas for your works? 

While I’m showering, while in the process of making other works, and during conversations with friends.

Traces of History and Fiction - 2012

Which work(s) of art would you like to have in your possession?

“The Weather Project” by Olafur Eliasson, “Tatlin’s Tower” (or the project for the Monument to the Third International), and “Spiral Jetty” by Robert Smithson.

What do you do when you’re not occupied with art?

I chill out.

Do you sleep a lot?

When I have the time.

Do you collect anything?


Wunderkammer - 2013

What is one of the most important things in your studio?

My computer and my coffee machine.

What do you like to eat, and what don’t you like?

I love to cook and I love a good dinner.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

An archeologist, an artist, or a submarine commander.

Name three creative individuals, from any era, with whom you’d gladly spend an evening.

Martin Schongauer, Carl von Linné and Johann Friedrich Struensee.

Mand nok nok Mand - 2008/10