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Tomas Martišauskis

Daily Dozen with Lithuanian Artist Tomas Martišauskis 0

Tomas Martišauskis (b. 1977) is a Lithuanian artist, who works in various media such as sculpture, installations and photography. He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. Tomas’ practice is best described as an analysis of visual strategies and mechanisms of culture. His theoretically informed use of technology as an alternative to craft emphasizes the spectacularization of the contemporary society. As Guy Debord manifested in the 60’s, everything that was once real has now become a spectacle, a representation of things, and Martišauskis’ practice elevates this all consuming idea of simulation to the surface through imitating real life, and creating indexical objects, that preserve a hint, an iconographical clue, or a personal memory. His background in sculpture is evident in the intelligent use of materials, such as plaster, wood, and even precious metals. Playing with their archetypal meaning, that is deaply rooted in tradition, he substitutes their reign as sculptural materials with technological alternatives, to create a modified reality.

From 14 September 1. 2013  to January 12, 2014 Reykjavik Art Museum presents  a site-specific installation by artist Tomas Martišauskis, named Creature/ Vera*.

Tomas Martišauskis “Creature/ Vera”. Photo: © Petur Thomsen

What’s the best moment of your day?

Any moment basically. All moments which give pleasure.

Why do you work as an artist?

I do that because I want to. It gives meaning in a daily routine otherwise I can get crazy.

Which films, concerts, exhibits, or books have left a lasting impression on you?

The book by Carl May “Vinnetou”, theatre performance “Oak tree” by Tim Crouch and exhibition at National museum in Berlin “Melancholy”.

Where do you currently get ideas for your works?

They appear as thunder from clear blue sky. Simply.

Which work(s) of art would you like to have in your possession?

Those wishes come and go. Recently (4 days ago) I wanted to have a collage of Martin Neumaier. Tomorrow I don't know.

What do you do when you’re not occupied with art?

The same things as any person.

Do you sleep a lot?

Sometimes, it’s enough 5 hours, but usually 8 hours is OK.

Do you collect anything?

No, but maybe some images from web will grow in to collection.

What is one of the most important things in your studio?

Just me and my artifacts.

What do you like to eat, and what don’t you like?

I really love to eat what my wife cooks, and I dislike public canteens.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be?

Vinnetou or maybe Robin Hood, I don't remember exactly.

Name three creative individuals, from any era, with whom you’d gladly spend an evening.

I would like to spend one evening with Douglas Gordon, Ben Lewis and Maurizio Cattelan.

Tomas Martišauskis “Creature/ Vera”. Photo: © Petur Thomsen

* Creature/ Vera is a postmodern take on the relationship between sculptural matter and the space. Using advanced technologies artist translates a specific sculptural object into various mediums thus expanding the notion of traditional sculpture. Paradoxical relationship between authenticity and a copy enables to see different aspects of the object: its interior and exterior, its sound, plasticity in animation and in the structural drawing.