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Time to cool off with an iced coffee

Viktor Timofeev’s Photo Blog 0

Viktor Timofeev

The Latvian-born artist, Viktor Timofeev (1984), moved to the USA with his parents in the mid-90’s. He received his BA in art from Hunter College in New York in 2008, and then moved to Berlin, where he currently has his studio. presents his photo blog.

First six photos are from a trip to the Dordogne, in southwest France, including towns such as Monpazier, Le Petit Nice, Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, and le Fleix.

Futile attempts in Berlin

Finally, an affordable utopia!

Windows 2.0 in Brooklyn

The Invisible Building, New York

New beginnings… what more does one need?

Sketch for a new drawing

Time to cool off with an iced coffee

Advertisement intervention in Berlin

A creative and structurally sound way of holding on to your parking spot on Sonnenallee

Potato metropolis

Rococo Sputnik

Contemplative passage in Tempelhof