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Photo credits: Bori Soos, Juste Kostikovaite


The Limoncello gallery presents 
“James Ferris: 5050”

Juste Kostikovaite

Photos: Juste Kostikovaite, Bori Soos

When I first saw the ad for this exhibition, I knew right away that I wanted to go and see it. And also participate in it – actively. I had never heard about the artist, but the thought alone of getting a cheap piece of artwork from one of the most exciting galleries in London was thrilling. The prospect of personal gain, combined with the good reputation of the gallery and the easy mathematical game of sales, was just the thing I needed. So, the concept of the exhibition is all about sales. The month of January is known as sales month, focusing mainly on the fashion industry. But now, discounts and integrated marketing strategies have gotten into the minds of gallery owners and artists. I have never queued that much to get into a gallery opening. The whole waiting process evoked memories of waiting to get into a club, or to get bananas in the 80’s in Vilnius, during perestroika.

The “James Ferris: 5050” exhibition was comprised of 100 of the artist’s paintings made from 2008–2011. The paintings were available to purchase by all, and were sold for the amount of the order in which they were sold: the first person through the door at 6:30 pm on the opening night could choose any painting and purchase it for £1, the second person to buy a painting will pay £2, up to the one hundredth person, for £100.

The order of play was the following:

0) Queuing to get in and drinking cold beer (free)

1) Viewing the work

2) Asking a gallery assistant at the desk to remove the painting (only one painting per person was allowed)

3) The painting was titled

4) An invoice and artist certificate was printed out

5) The invoice was paid

6) The work was wrapped and handed to the happy buyer

James Ferris (1980, based in London, UK) gained his BA in Philosophy and Fine Art from Reading University (2003), and gained his MA Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London (2009). Recent and forthcoming solo and group exhibitions include dienstgebaeude, Zurich (2012); “My Brother is a Hairy Man”, George Polke, London (2011); “Young British Art”, Limoncello, London (2011); and “Let’s Be Civil”, And/Or, London (2011).

Open until Saturday, February 25th, 2012