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Orests Silabriedis. Photo from the personal archive

And how is it with composers? You can understand Juris Karlsons’s frustration when he says that the young write piles of sacred pieces, without understanding what they are all about. Karlson’s own Adoratio performed on Good Friday at the Dome Cathedral in Riga was such an openhearted and powerful revelation, that there is no room for words. Yet that does not mean a composer half his age wouldn’t be capable of this revelation. Again and again, I must say that it all depends on the individual. There are composers who for their whole lives don’t cease to crank out one mass after the other, one motet after the other. And then there are those who express themselves only on account of a truly important need for expression.

Is it not the case that, in literature and the other arts, this threshold setting a specific age for venturing forth is not so strictly applied by colleagues and critics?