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Letter from Riga: Comic by Finnish Artist, Emmi Valve 0

Emmi Valve

I'm a Finnish comic artist, living in a small town called Porvoo. I was invited to stay and work in Riga for a month by kuš! magazine, through the CUNE comics residency program. My comics are autobiographical and I like to tell small, seemingly irrelevant everyday stories, that at the end are the ones that dictate our lives. My first comic book was released last spring. I also work as an illustrator, and my newest interest is taxidermy. I'm fascinated by the union of art and science, and how death, animals and nature can speak to us about humanity and life. I'm also obsessed about food, and during my stay in Riga I made a script for a comic cookbook. And got a picture of a pelmeni tattooed on my arm. Those little pillows of happiness are my idea of the perfect comfort food.