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Aldis Plaudis

What phenomenon in art history seems most inspiring to you?

As the father of a large family with six children, I’m most inspired by succession. The Skulme, Zariņs, Iltners, and Heinrihsons families…and I hope any families that I’ve neglected to mention don’t take offence. The inheritance of talent, heredity, familial culture.

I would be happy if my family inherited my sense of thrill in collecting.

Could you name your great recent ordeal in art?

What do you think about this story? Some time ago, three works by Purvītis were brought to my apartment—three landscapes of melting snow. Purvītis is already represented in my collection, but not these absolute classics—melting snows. I had firmly decided to purchase one of them. I strolled like a bear around the three works, and was thankful that they had been entrusted to me, because I hadn’t put down any money yet… Yet I allowed myself to invite a man who is, in my opinion, the most knowledgeable Purvītis expert. This gentleman came over, studied the Purvītis works from both sides for about an hour, and then spoke these words: “All three of these works were made by the same artist.” I asked whether they were works by Purvītis, and he answered, “I didn’t say that; I said that all three of these works were made by the same artist.” And so to this day I remain without Purvītis’s melting snows.