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Pori Art Museum in city of Pori, Finland © Porin taidemuseo

Another example of how collecting can open up new venues is the Ars Fennica Prize established in 1990 by the collector couple Henna and Pertti Niemistö. The Ars Fennica prize amounts today to €34,000. The receiver is a young artist chosen by a curator among four or five candidates elected by a board. The 19th award winner was elected this year.

The Niemistö collection of modern and contemporary Finnish art can be seen in the Hämeenlinna 

Art Museum. Hämeenlinna is the home town of the now deceased collectors. The collection is on loan from the family.

Yet another Finnish collector who represents the esthetic eye more than anything else is Lars Göran Johnsson who has been collecting the breakthrough of modernism in Finnish art supported by the odd work of art by European and American modern artists which had crossed the path of the collector on his many journeys. Lars Göran Johnsson stresses the haphazard aspect of his art collection. “If I do not know from where the influences in a work have come, I am very happy”, he says when asked what he is guided by when buying.

The collection of Lars Göran Johnsson is deposited in the Pori Art Museum and part of it was on view a year ago in an exhibition called “More than Life”.