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Poster of Art | 42 | Basel 2011

Art | 42 | Basel 2011 0

Anna Iltnere

Art 42 Basel 11, the leading international modern and contemporary art fair, will take place for the forty-second time in Basel, Switzerland, from June 15-19. The fair will be held in two enormous halls on the banks of the Rhine River, on the border between Switzerland, France, and Germany. The British culture critic Tom Horan, of The Daily Telegraph, once compared the Basel art fair to the Olympic games in terms of significance. Art Basel was founded in 1970 by a group of local gallery owners. Today the event has become one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world. Art Basel attracts viewers with the high quality and great diversity of its exhibited works—sculptures, paintings, installations, drawings, photography, and video.

This year, Art Basel will feature more than 300 of the world’s leading galleries (out of 1,000 contenders) from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and North America. The most widely represented countries are the United States (73 galleries), Germany (50), Switzerland (32), and Great Britain (31). Ten galleries from Scandinavia will participate, as well as one gallery and one art journal from Russia. The Baltic states will not be represented at the fair. About 2,500 artists will take part in various sectors of the fair—both modern classics and rising stars of contemporary art. Last year, 62,500 people visited Art 41 Basel, including collectors, dealers, artists, and curators.

What Will Be On View?

Exhibitions at Art Basel are divided thematically into ten categories: Art Galleries, Art Feature, Art Statements, Art Unlimited, Art Parcours, Art Edition, Art Film, Art Magazines, Artist Books, and Artist Records. Four special public events—Art Conversations, Art Salon, and Art Basel Weekend—will take place alongside the exhibits. offers a glimpse into the participants from Scandinavia and Russia.

Art Galleries

The core of the Basel fair is the sector Art Galleries (in the second hall). This sector will feature the world’s leading art galleries, which were selected during a submission competition.  One gallery from Russia will participate — the gallery Regina, which is taking part at Basel for the first time. Regina was one of the first private art galleries in Moscow. The gallery was opened in 1990 by Regina and Vladimir Ovcharenko, with the goal of supporting contemporary art in the context of Russia.