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From SUPERMARKET 2011 archive. Photo: Mnky Bizz Group (

SUPERMARKET 2012 in Stockholm 0

Kulturhuset, Stockholm
17 – 19 February, 2012

In 2006, as a reaction to the world-wide emergence of a new type of art fair, a group of artists founded and organized the project MINIMARKET. It soon developed from a small-time, creative activist initiative to the full-fledged, international art gallery fair SUPERMARKET, and gave Stockholm a place on the world art atlas as a center of artistic activity.

In 2012, with winter beginning its slow retreat, from 17-19 February, SUPERMARKET will take place for the third time in the cultural heart of Stockholm – Kulturhuset

Applications for participation in SUPERMARKET 2012 will be accepted until 15 September!

This yearly meeting in Stockholm of galleries and art venues headed by independent artists is organized as a wonderful opportunity for new entrepreneurs to create a regional and international web of partnerships. After the hustle and bustle of the yearly fair, art practitioners, curators of exhibitions and entrepreneurs, as well as those still on the way to creating their own artistic and cultural businesses, have a favorable environment in which to get a closer understanding of the specifics of the basic conceptions of initiatives created by artists up to this point, as well as of future strategies, idea developments and accomplishments.

The program of events for SUPERMARKET promises surprises instead of just a concentration of episodes in a dry, existential bed of trade and commerce. More than 70 artist-headed galleries and cultural organizations will be represented from 26 countries, offering colorful and varied content. In addition, the forum will give the public the chance to enjoy the exhibitions and to participate in discussions on local and international tendencies in art and design. Meetings, performances and thematic discussions will encourage SUPERMARKET participants and those interested to take part in an exchange of ideas and experiences, thereby placing the cornerstone of a characteristically new and independent realm of art and culture.

In 2011, Stockholm's art fair was joined by new cities such as Athens (Greece), Klaipėda (Lithuania), Mexico City (Mexico), Pristina (Kosovo), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Yerevan (Armenia).

During its journey of growth and expansion, the Swedish cultural event SUPERMARKET has changed its location several times. In its first years, it was held in the Moorish-inspired Konstnarshiset building. In 2008, vendors were invited to the adapted, industrial space of Enskilda Galleriet, whereas in 2009, the fair was held at the high-class, newly-built Clarion Hotel Stockholm, proudly standing on Södermalm Island. 2009 was a turning point in the history of the fair, when the number of participants reached 55, making it Sweden's largest annual art fair. In 2012, SUPERMARKET will take place, for the third time already, in Kulturhuset, the central venue for multifunctional cultural events in Stockholm.

Kulturhuset, the central venue for multifunctional cultural events in Stockholm. Press photo

Kulturhuset, 7 Sergels torg
Stockholm, Sweden