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View from ART MOSCOW 2010

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Central House of Artists, Moscow
September 21 -through 25 

September 21 through 25, the International Art Fair ART MOSCOW which is the principal annual event on the Russian art market focusing on contemporary actual art will be held in the Central House of Artists. 

ART MOSCOW welcomes over 25,000 visitors from all over the world every year. The audience of the Fair consists of collectors, artists, representatives of Russian and foreign museums, sponsors, art dealers, critics, journalists, and other connoisseurs of actual art.

Careful selection of fair participants is a strong tradition resulting from the efforts of the professional Expert Council of experts, with such members as Josef Backstein (Russia), Marat Guelman (Russia), Hans Knoll (Austria), Aidan Salakhova (Russia), Elena Selina (Russia), and Christina Steinbrecher (Germany). This year, the Expert Council has also been joined by such European experts as Rachael Barrett (UK) and Anne Maier (Germany). 

This year, ART MOSCOW celebrates its 15th anniversary. Over 50 Russian and foreign galleries (as of the middle of July 2011) will bring artistic objects to exhibit at the fair; many of the galleries will participate in the main programme of the fair for the first time, among them Black Square Gallery (New york, USA), N&N Aman Gallery (Tel-Aviv, Israel), Salon Vert (London, UK), Wilde Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Nadja Brykina Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Anca Poterasu Gallery (Bucharest, Romania), Adora Calvo (Salamanca, Spain), Collage Habana (Habana, Cuba), Gagliardi Art System (Turin, Italy), Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Tallinn, Estonia), Alma Gallery (Riga, Latvia), Kyiv Fine Art (Kiev, Ukraine), Kultproekt (Moscow, Russia), Green Art (Perm, Russia), Art-Kasha (Moscow, Russia).

Restructuring of the display area is an important change to be implemented this year. Going by international experience, ART MOSCOW has offered its participants a system of equal exposition stands, so the space of the fair will look different this time.

Owing to certain historical factors, ART MOSCOW is more than just a fair; it is an institute reflecting changes in the field of contemporary art in Russia; therefore, the organizers can speak not only about the art market but about art trends in general, as well.

This year, September will be a month of art in the Russian capital, this due to multiple prominent events in the field of contemporary art. It is wonderful that so many significant events will be occurring at the same time. Thus, besides the anniversary ART MOSCOW fair, the 4th Moscow biennale of contemporary art will be held in the capital from September 23 to October 30 (opening on September 22). Moscow is going the right way, placing the most outstanding contemporary art events within the same timeframe and creating a comfortable environment facilitating long-term business partnerships.

ART MOSCOW is not limited to galleries alone; personal expositions will also be arranged. This year, photographic works by Jeff Cohen, objects by Zinaida Likhacheva, an exhibition by Vitas Stasyunas, and a 3D project run by Lisa Plavinskaya will be presented at the fair.

The programme of the fair is expected to include a set of lectures on contemporary art theory and research (by professors of the British Higher School of Art & Design), screening of movies directed by Jason Underhill, and creative workshops and seminars by prominent people of art from Los Angeles and London.

Along with the main exposition to be hosted by the Central House of Artists, ART MOSCOW will offer a rich concurrent programme involving various venues of the city. The main exposition will be accompanied by vernissages at art galleries, museum exhibitions, and special projects. The list of participants and events of the concurrent programme will be available on the official web site of ART MOSCOW fair in August 2011.

10 Krymsky val
Moscow, Russia