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India Art Summit 2011 publicity poster

Did a certain genre dominate the fair, like painting or sculpture?

There was a proportionally high amount of painting and sculpture, though less video works and installations, which are customary in Europe. 

What is the greatest benefit you have acquired from the fair?

The range of how people perceive art, how they learn about it—the thrill. Seeing and feeling this there, we struck upon new ideas too; it’s nice to see the vigor for work, as well as how people are interested in art and the process itself. It seems that they are trying to catch up with art centers like London, Paris, or New York, which is commendable. It’s also interesting to follow the panel discussion put together by the organizers, because they were well thought out and the information was valuable.

Of course, it was also nice to hear compliments about how we have such great artists—they really appreciated Anita. Her work is characterized precisely by a careful refinement, which Indians value so highly. At the beginning of the fair we needed to add varnish to a corner of one of Anita’s works. This turned into a whole performance, with the participation of visitors. People really like to meet artists and talk with them; in their eyes, an artist is a lofty figure.

Thanks to Galerijas 21 employees for meeting and talking with us!