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ARTVILNIUS '11 visual identity


Vilnius, Lithuania
July 13 – 17

While the glass facade of the LIEXPO pavilion reflects the urban environment of Vilnius and echos the pulse of its social life, ARTVILNIUS '11 will take over the exhibition hall in all of its length, transforming the 8,000 square meter expo arcade into an impressive avenue of art. 

ARTVILNIUS '11, the first international art fair in the Baltic countries, will take place for the second time, this year from July 13th to 17th, in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.

A colorful panorama will unfold in the pavilion of art and crafts, featuring sculptural forms displayed in the stands of new and leading contemporary art and design galleries from Lithuania and its neighboring countries, as well as the continent.

ARTVILNIUS '11's mission:

The art forum is dedicated to the development of the contemporary visual art market, providing opportunity for dealings in high quality art.

The forum is orientated toward the creation of international cooperation; it is democratic and creative, its organization executed with professionalism.

The exhibit's vision: 

To knock down international barriers and build a bridge between the Western and Eastern art markets. To provide a diverse and inspirational cultural unification of craftsmen, art aficionados and society at large.

In addition to the market zone, the ArtVilnius program will include educational and informative events: creative workshops, video art sessions, new artist exhibitions and discussions about the latest trends in art and design.

Latvia will be represented in this international visual art exhibition by the galleries “Alma”, “Birkenfelds”, “Galerija 21”, “Māksla XO” and “Tifāna”. From Estonia, Tallinn's “Temnikova&Kasele” (exhibiting works by the Latvian painter Andris Vītoliņš) will be taking part. But Lithuania itself will be represented by no less than 30 galleries, from Vila, Klaipeda, Panevezys, and other Lithuanian cities. 

Galleries from the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Japan, France and other countries will also be participating. Scandinavia will be represented solely by the Danish galleries “Nande” and “NB”.

LITEXPO, Laisves pr. 5
Vilnius, Lithuania