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IlonaAnhava – owner of “Galerie Anhava” (Helsinki)

Opinions about Art Basel shared by galleries 1

The annual Art Basel, which was held for the 43rd time this year, concluded the busy art fair season on June 17. During this significant event approached the finest Nordic galleries, who were amongst the 300 selected participants, to learn their thoughts on this world-renowned art fair and its undeniable influence on art galleries.

Watch the videos where opinions are shared by Nils Stærk – director of “Nils Stærk” gallery (Copenhagen), Ilona Anhava – owner of “Galerie Anhava” (Helsinki), Ciléne Andréhn – founder of “Andréhn-Schiptjenko” (Stockholm) and Börkur Arnarson – director of “i8 Gallery” (Reykjavik).

“There has been a lot of Turkish collectors – that’s something that we have not experienced too much before”, reveals Nils Stærk from Denmark.

“There are two types of galleries – those who get in Art Basel and those who don’t,” admits Ilona Anhava from Finland.

“When you tell people that you are doing this fair, they feel relaxed, they feel safe, they know that you have passed a very stringent test,” expresses Ciléne Andréhn from Sweden.

“You see all the people that you hope to see,” says Börkur Arnarson from Iceland.

Leading international galleries

We also visited some of the internationally well-recognized galleries to hear their experience and evaluation on Art Basel.

“Marlborough Fine Art London” has been participating in Art Basel since the fair’s very beginning in the 1970’s. The gallery is planning to open a new contemporary exhibition space next October.

Gallery “Hauser & Wirth” is located in New York, Zurich and London. Anna Helwing, the gallery’s Associate Director, approves the fair’s new guideline, which restricts the first days of attendance only to industry professionals.