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“During this recession you have to work together” 0

ARCOmadrid, Art Cologne and The Armory Show have joined forces to host the opening reception for Manifesta 9, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art.

Paul Morris, The Armory Show

Paul Morris, Founding Director of The Armory Show, Carlos Urroz, Director of ARCOmadrid and Daniel Hug, Director of Art Cologne, will co-host a dinner on May 31, which is aimed to start the inauguration of Manifesta 9. Never before the three art fairs have worked so closely together on a single event.

“As Manifesta had done presentations in all three of our fairs – New York, Madrid and Cologne, it was time to reverse the strategy. However, when we first made our suggestions, the idea of bringing three similar events felt a bit awkward, so we decided to join ventures,” recalls Carlos Urroz, who contacted to learn more about this innovative partnership. “This is the first time we are doing something like this. But Supporting Manifesta 9, its interest in emerging artists and curators, was very important for us.”

Carlos Urroz, ARCOmadrid

As Director of ARCOmadrid explains the anticipated dinner, co-hosted together with Paul Morris and Daniel Hug, will mainly focus on the future of these three art fairs.

“I think it’s the time to be creative,” admits the Director of ARCOmadrid. “During this recession you have to work together, you shouldn’t fight. Of course we do compete for the best galleries, collectors, etc. but I also think that we are mature enough to work in a partnership. Our aims, goals and missions are actually very similar.”

When asked about the possibility of similar partnerships appearing in the future, Carlos Urroz replies, “It’s possible. We might organize future partnerships in other locations. Absolutely.”

Daniel Hug, Art Cologne

Speaking of the partnership, Daniel Hug, Director of Art Cologne said that “This cooperation between Art Cologne, ARCOmadrid and The Armory Show in supporting Manifesta 9 not only fosters an international exchange but reinforces the importance each fair’s unique identity and reach. I look forward to an exciting time with Paul and Carlos.”

Manifesta, the roving European Biennial of Contemporary art, changes it's location every two years but the 2012 edition will begin in Genk (Limburg, Belgium) on June 2nd and will continue through September 30th, 2012.