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Tu 15.04.2014

Jaanika Peerna’s solo exhibition of drawing, video and installation ”advancing - retreating”

Aarni Gallery
Espoo, Finland
15/04 - 11/05/2014

Aarni Gallery is  proud to announce the first solo exhibition of Estonian-born New York artist Jaanika Peerna in Finland. For the exhibition Jaanika Peerna is transforming the gallery space into an all-encompassing site specific installation using large scale graphite drawing on mylar, sculptural wall pieces, wax pigment drawings, window drawing  and video projection.

Peerna’s skillfully made dense surfaces of straight line drawings and video footage of natural phenomena turn into enveloping sculptural forms which every gallery visitor can navigate and explore from various vantage points.  Drawings vary in scale from tiny 10x10cm to vast room-size surfaces which playfully integrate into the gallery space creating a sense of walking amidst canyons and flowing rivers. The borders between drawing, sculpture and video melt away—Peerna’s work is pushed by a strong sense of physical presence whether drawing in her studio, performing live, filming in the outdoors, or in the creation of her atmospheric exhibition designs.

Jaanika Peerna is an Estonian-born artist living and working in New York since 1998. Her work deals with transitions in light, air, water and other natural phenomena using drawing, video, installation and live performance.