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Th 10.05.2012
Item 11 subject of art, 2012

Jacob Dahlgren

“Anhava” gallery
Helsinki, Finland
10/05 - 13/07/2012

The art of Swedish sculptor and performance artist Jacob Dahlgren (1970) is irremovable from his personality and daily life. Through its happy, rhythmic colors, it seems to illustrate the artist's philosophy of life and his approach to work. With amazing ease, the intelligent artist can eat his lunch from a tin, and then make an installation from the tins; or make a sculptural object from pencils that he found in his studio (Item 24 subject of art, 2012); or from saws and other carpentry tools. In Dahlgren's works, objects from daily life are subjected to an idea and are then transformed into abstractions and finely aesthetic installations; these works can be seen through July 13, at Dahlgren's solo show hosted by Anhava gallery.

Mannerheiminaukio 3
Helsinki, Finland