Th 06.09.2012

Helsinki Design Week 2012

Helsinki, Finland
06/09 - 16/09/2012

Helsinki Design Week as an annual design festival for the Finnish capital has been going on since 2005, when the event was established by Kari Korkmann (who, incidentally, also visited Latvia in 2011, organising the Nordic design exhibition 16 Steps Closer in Riga). The design week will pick up speed in September 2012, because this year Helsinki is the World Design Capital for the entire year. The event brings together both local and international designers, with its most important aim being the creation of a fruitful environment for designers to gain recognition and establish international contacts. The basic theme of Helsinki Design Week is consistent with the foundations of WDC Helsinki 2012 – benefitting society with design that can be actively participated in.

The exhibition takes place in Helsinki as the World Design Capital 2012,  read more here.