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We 09.05.2012

ÖÖ: Was it a Dream?

Helsinki, Finland
09/05 - 13/05/2012

This short-lived exhibition and group of events brings together designers and other masters of creative professions such as photographers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Estonia. ÖÖ translated from Finnish as well as Estonian means “night”.ÖÖ: Was it a Dream? is a travelling initiative that might even be called a movement, promoting the new Nordic philosophy  - a new type of luxury comes into being through creative collaboration, with selected local materials as some of the main ingredients in unique new products, from food to fashion design. Before arriving in Helsinki in May 2012, ÖÖ: Was it a Dream?  will be launched at London Fashion Week in February of the same year, where a conceptual fashion installation will be created with the participation of three Estonian fashion designers. By the way, ÖÖ: Was it a Dream? also made its debut in London – in autumn 2010 as part of the annual London Design Festival, when it took part as a pop-up gallery and concept store, representing young avant-garde designers from six Nordic countries. At the Helsinki event, local architects will also be significantly involved, helping to create a special exhibition set design and dissolving the boundaries between various creative fields.

The exhibition takes place in Helsinki as the World Design Capital 2012,  read more here.